EVREN ULUSOY (Producer, DJ And Hardworking Music Enthusiast)

19 years into his chart-topping career, he has come full circle, having worked with some of the biggest players in the music industry and gained international appreciation on his materials.

19 years into his career, he has come full circle, having worked with some of the biggest players in the music industry and gained international appreciation on his materials. Evren Ulusoy is the quintessential example of a millennial artist. In the last 19 years, Turkey’s Evren Ulusoy has been signed to over 150 music labels, released over 500 tracks across a variety of genres, hosts his own radio shows and has the noted distinction of a #1 best-selling Deep House track at Beatport in 2010 alongside artists like Maya Jane Coles, Jimpster and more !. In a scene that demands both quality and quantity, Evren wears all the hats– a master of all trades with his numberless chart entries in Deep House as well as minimal charts with his alias The Superliner. His successful track “Singing In The Bathtub” which reached the first position of Beatport’s Deep House Chart and topped Beatport’s Top 100 for 2 months. Works of Evren Ulusoy have been played and supported by many world-renowned DJs and producers like Laurent Garnier, Nic Fanciulli, The Timewriter, Kevin Yost, Milton Jackson, Shur I Kan, Gorge, Karol XII & MB Valence, Sasse, Eelke Kleijn, Desyn Masiello, Kruse & Nuernberg, Max Cooper just to name a few! He showed performances at several clubs and events in Denmark, Austria, Romania, South Africa, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, Azerbaijan and more! He shared the decks with Guy J, Terry Francis, Martin Eyerer, Markus Homm, Gorge, East End Dubs, Robert Dietz, Eelke Kleijn, Matt Sassari, Metodi Hristov, Kaiserdisco, Daniel Sanchez, Karmon, Christian, Christian Nielsen, Aki Bergen, Till Von Sein and more!



  • A Winter Sampler III
    Somelee, DIM KELLY, Mono Electric Orchestra, Qess, Evren Ulusoy, Slow Hearts, Nōpi, LEGATO (UK), Flowers on Monday, Izhevski, Fulltone, Paul Deep (AR), Lucefora
    Organic House / Downtempo
    ADID066 | All Day I Dream | 2021-01-15 | Buy
  • Deepalistic: Deep House Collection, Vol. 21
    Rubens 1210, Paul Sirrell, Ryan Kick, DJ Cocodil, Peter Ward, Gily, Beat Rivals, Lifford, Sole Masters, Danske Beat, Jhon Alejandro, Brent Betit, Damn!it's Funk, Cal Burke, Amateur At Play, The Prizoners, Mathey B, Sergio Ramirez, Ronia Alvarado, Lewis Smith, Simon Sheldon, Remywest, SpringHill, Evren Ulusoy
    Deep House
    RVMCOMP2216B | Re:vibe Music | 2021-01-09 | Buy
  • Deeper At Night Vol. 51
    Evren Ulusoy, Myk Dubz, DJ Santiago, Trax Machine, B-Liv, DJ-G, Jo Paciello, Lola De La Fuente, Ryan Kick, Tony Deledda, Afro Carrib, Lady of Victory, Hey Jack, Rebus Project, Alan De Laniere, marco scalisi, Aziz Snmz, Sergio Ramirez, Ronia Alvarado, Alfonso Bottone, Juggernauts, Ozgur Uzar, Rubens 1210, DJ Lamor, Dewan
    Deep House
    RH2COMP1354 | RH2 | 2020-12-25 | Buy
  • Deep House Choices, Vol. 27
    Daniele Baldi, Rubens 1210, Paul Sirrell, Lola De La Fuente, Ryan Kick, DJ Cocodil, IsaVis, Afro Carrib, Lady of Victory, Hey Jack, Alfonso Bottone, Evren Ulusoy, Gily, Peter Ward, Danske Beat, Brent Betit, The Prizoners, Mathey B, Lewis Smith, Simon Sheldon, SpringHill
    Deep House
    RVMCOMP2206B | Re:vibe Music | 2020-12-17 | Buy
  • Deep House Chill 003
    Micfreak, Alek Soltirov, Ryan Kick, Tony H, Miss Min.D, Dj Vegas SA, Momon Deep, Magic '87, Indysoul, Andrew Edward Brown, Breeze and The Sun, Charesian, Heaven's Kitchen, DJ Sly (IT), Benavid, Adan Aradillas, Ricky Alves, Amateur At Play, Magik Deep, Becanoe Da Voe, Evren Ulusoy, Entoni Quartz, sanmar, DJ LoverBash, Zethu, 8nine Muzique, RoneeDeep, Vincent Ache, LOSTIN, Kemba & Jonesy, Contemporary Deep, T.E Project, Brock Edwards, Jeff Swiff
    Deep House
    HOTQDEEPHC003 | LW Recordings | 2020-12-11 | Buy
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